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Between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort : The Boy Who Lived versus The Man Who Must Not Be Named

Harry Potter VS Lord Voldemort

July 15th, 2011 will be the most important date for Harry Potter fans. That is the date when a final and last Harry Potter movie will be released. There is excitement and enthusiasm between the loyal fans what will going to be the last Harry Potter movie looked like. The trailer and behind the scene’s videos of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 are awaited mostly.

The end begins as Harry, Ron and Hermione go back to Hogwarts to find and destroy Voldemort’s final horcruxes, but when Voldemort finds out about their mission, the biggest battle begins and life as they know it will never be the same again.

This is the Plot summary for Harry Potter and The deathly Hallows: Part 2, which is officially written in imdb’s site. There is a full synopsis too in that site, for sure may contain spoilers. Anyone who already read the last book also knew the exact plot.

There’s a site that exposed scenes from the footage since it didn’t get the trailer to share yet.

The footage cuts again, this time to show the hills outside Hogwarts, manned by Snape and a group of Death-Eaters. Things then take a turn for the sad, as the footage cuts again, this time to scan the halls of Hogwarts lined with bodies, broken and covered in blood. In the distance, Voldemort’s voice says: “You have allowed your friends to die for you, rather than face me yourself. Join me in The Forbidden Forest and confront your fate.”

And that is exact what Harry does. The scene changes and we see Harry striding through the forest…but he is not alone. Joining him on either side are his mother, father, godfather Sirius Black…

“Why are you here, all of you?” Harry demands.

“We never left,” his mother whispers.

“You’ll stay with me?” Harry asks, with clear and definite fear behind the question

“Always,” his mother says.

“Until the end,” adds his father.

The scene changes again to when Harry meets his end at the hand of Voldemort, which most people have already seen from the trailer. But the scene carries on into Harry’s afterlife – a bright, white void, where Dumbledore waits for him and greets him with a simple, “You brave, brave man… ” The scene continues as he explains Harry’s willingness to die offers him the chance to return and fight again.

In the footage’s final moments, shots of the final battle unfold and finally, Harry and Voldemort come face-to-face for the last time. “Let’s finish this the way we started,” Harry taunts Voldemort, before grabbing him as they both tumble over a cliff as Harry’s voice echoes: “… together… “

All the sneak peek and earlier footage from The Dealthly Hallows part 2 movie gave the Potter fans a thrill, including me. Can’t hardly wait to watch in full-length movie. However, the Potterheads, before we’ll see a final battle between Harry Potter versus Lord Voldemort, maybe we should elaborate what makes them in contrast. Why Harry Potter should face Voldemort. What differences between the two of them.

Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort are like heaven and earth. They are totally different. Yes, we know they are enemies, they against each other. Let’s take a look for differences between them.

First, as freshmen student in Hogwart school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the sorting hat will choose the students by judging each students’ qualities and placing them in the most appropriate house. There are four houses in Hogwarts: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Harry’s house is in Gryffindor, a house which values courage, bravery, loyalty, nerve and chivalry. On the other hand, Lord Voldemort’s house is in Slytherin, which values ambition, cunning, leadership, resourcefulness and most of all, pure wizard blood. This blood purity’s factor in Slytherin quite interesting because it turns out that Lord Voldemort actually not purely comes from Wizard family, but comes from half blood family.

In addition to their differences character, JK Rowling created Harry Potter as the main character, the protagonist who has kind and loving personality. Harry never wants to hurt his friends, proven in the last book when Harry decided to go by himself searching hocruxes, leaving his two best friends behind. It was because Harry didn’t want anything bad happens to them. Unlike Harry, Lord Voldemort has evil, ruthless and sadistic personality. Created as the main antagonist, Lord Voldemort is so much feared by wizard community, so that they refuse calling him by his name, instead saying “You-know-who” or “He-who-must-not-be-named”. Harry dared to defend his friends, like when he’s being punished by Dolores Umbridge, in Order of Phoenix, the fifth books, because he didn’t want she knew about Dumbledore Army, a secret study group that Harry teach his friends the higher-level skills he has learned. In contrast, Lord Voldemort is willing to kill even his own Hench men, who serve him out of a mixture of fear and respect. For example, when Voldemort attempted to kill Draco’s father, Lucius Malfoy , because he failed did the task. Luckily, Lord Voldemort gave Lucius a remission of life. He ordered Draco to kill Albus Dumbledore, for he wished to punish Lucius Malfoy for his failings by giving his son a task he could not do.

The next thing is about how Harry and Voldemort’s view about dead and mortality. Harry accepts mortality. According to Rowling, Harry accepts that he must die, and that there is much worse thing in the world of living. However, Voldemort’s fear is death, ignominious death. Rowling said Voldemort thinks that it’s a shameful human weakness. That’s why Voldemort wants immortality. It’s makes Voldemort divide his soul into many souls and put into hocruxes, meanwhile Harry willing to sacrifice his life for people he loves. The climax happened, when final confrontation between Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter. Voldemort turned his wand on Molly Weasley, Ron’s Mother, in rage. At that time, Harry revealed himself to be alive by casting a Shield Charm to protect her. Harry mentioned to Voldemort that by willingly sacrificing himself, he had protected everyone he loves in Hogwarts with the same magic his mother created when she died for him

So, between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort is another version of good versus evil, the theme that appeals to everyone.

The boy who lived versus The man who must not be named.


We lucky few, we band of brothers

Band of Brothers

There was a time when the world asked ordinary men to do extraordinary things

2 Januari 2011 Major Dick Winters, pahlawan WWII , meninggal dunia setelah berjuang melawan penyakit Parkinson yang dideritanya.  Berita kematian yang sepertinya biasa, namun bagi saya luar biasa, saya baca dari sebuah tautan link blog di Facebook.  Siapa Major Dick Winters? Nama ini pasti akan melekat dalam ingatan jika anda penggemar mini seri Band of Brothers (BoB). Yup, dialah karakter sentral dari seri ini yang ceritanya berdasar pada kejadian sesungguhnya, membuat saya seakan-akan mengenal orang tersebut.

Mayor Richard “Dick” Winters adalah Komandan Paratroopers Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division selama World War II. Terjun pada saat peperangan di Normandy Perancis,  memimpin pasukannya melewati pertempuran D-Day, Operation Market Garden, Battle of the Bulge, dan akhirnya menguasai Eagle’s Nest, rumah terakhir Hitler. Dikenal sebagai pemimpin yang karismatik, dialah benang merah yang mengikat orang-orang di kompi E…berbagi suka dan duka sebagai saudara..brothers…band of brothers

Band of Brothers,  judul yang sama untuk buku dan tv miniserinya, berasal dari pidato Henry V of England, pada hari St. Crispin’s, disampaikan sebelum pertempuran Agincourt di William Shakespeare’s Henry V; Act IV, Scene 3. Bagian dari pidato ini di kutip di halaman pertama pada buku, dan juga dikutip oleh Carwood Lipton di episode terakhir…

Henry V was talking to his men. He said, “from this day to the ending of the world… we in it shall be remembered. We lucky few, we band of brothers. For he who today shed his blood with me shall be my brother.”

Sebuah kisah epik tentang keberanian, persahabatan, pengorbanan dan kepahlawanan

Ingatan berputar pada masa dimana saya sangat suka mini seri ini…dan entah kebetulan di saat yang bersamaan, Facebook mengeluarkan  menu baru bernama “Memorable Stories”, dimana status-status terdahulu bermunculan secara random.  Iseng, dengan beberapa klik, muncul status saya sekitar lebih dari satu tahun yang lalu, berkaitan dengan kutipan dari BoB.  Wow, what a coincidence!

Lucu juga membaca komen-komennya, yang diisi oleh para penggemar BoB, ga nyangka bakal sepanjang itu diskusinya, dan terlihat betapa kami sangat hapal detil-detil kejadian dari seri tersebut, bahkan apa yang terjadi pada tokoh-tokoh sesungguhnya setelah perang. Ada sinisme sekaligus asa kenapa kita, bangsa Indonesia tidak menampilkan sejarah perjuangan bangsa sendiri dengan cara yang sama seperti Amerika menampilkan para pahlawannya di Band of Brothers. Pastinya kita akan sangat hapal dengan tetek bengek cerita sejarah itu. Entahlah..

Sekedar ingin berbagi, plus menyimpan untuk diri sendiri, saya copas saja status beserta komen-komennya.

Malam menjelang dini hari, di satu waktu di bulan November, saya mengupdate status:

I cherish the memory of a question my grandson asked me the other day, when he said: ‘Grandpa, were you a hero in the war?’ Grandpa said no. But I served in a company of heroes.

Rama Ramadhani:

ini band of brothers kan ya? di DVD paling terakhir. ucapan col. winters?

Liesda Damayanti:

yup, major winters quoting from a letter…he’s so down to earth..nonton yah? quote favorite elu apa?

Rama Ramadhani:

quote? ga ada. kalo adegan banyak. mulai dari normandy sampe rhine semua favorit gua…pokoknya pas dar der dor…bentar lagi yang versi perang pacific juga ada. dari producer yang sama, tom hanks ama spielberg. pokoknya asal tededet tededet mah mantap

Liesda Damayanti:

jiaaah…dasar…cuman nungguin dar der dor doang…
episode Bastogne gw paling suka…paling keliatan the horror of warnya…bagusnya ada point of view dr medic, doc roe..
The Pacific ktnya maret 2010

Rama Ramadhani:

ya betul, cara ambil sudut pandangnya gue demen. mulai dari winters, smp doc roe. gue cuma ga demen waktu latihan sama sobel…terasa lambat sekali jalannya cerita. bastogne tuh yang di es kan? lu pernah maen game call of duty ga? itu game …ngambil setting yang sama persis sama band of brother. mulai penerjunan, masuk ke kota kota normandy, bastogne, plus ada dari sisi rusia. di game itu elo jadi tentara kelas bawah gitu. lari lari ngikutin perintah atasan. ngeri nya lebih berasa cuy…apalagi pas maen jadi rusia, setting nya sama kayak enemy at the gates. wah di berondong jerman tanpa punya senapan cuy…SYEREEEEMMMM!!!!

Liesda Damayanti:

iya, bastogne Belgia..” Battle of Bulge” yg pas musim salju. Gara2 nonton ini gw jd browsing sejarah ww II, easy company, sama nasib veteran2nya, hehehe…
masa sih yg latihan plotnya lama? perasaan biasa deh, gw sih mikirnya krn pengenalan …karakter2nya…soal Sobel, lucu tuh scenenya dia pas nyasar di peternakan, gunting kawat pager sampe sapi2 keluar semua..hahahaha…
gw blm pernah maen call of duty…males, takut addict :p

Mario Herlan:

‎@rama: loe jadi pengamat pelem aja.. hapal benerrr… tabeh lah.. loe bedua manusia kalong ya? sama ama gw , hehehe

Rama Ramadhani:

‎@marijo: gue cuma apal pelem perang, rocky, ama lord of the ring cuy… 😛 😛 😛
@liesda: mungkin pengenalan sih. dan penting juga sebelum situasi perang yang ga jelas mukanya ini sapa ini sapa. kapten sobel kasian idup nya tuh, matanya buta… gara gara percobaan bunuh diri. soal call of duty: wah ini recommended banget buat maniak band of brother…lu bener bener serasa di dalam perangnya…pas di bastogne pun berasa ngeri nya. karena di serang jerman dari segala penjuru…cuma bisa selamet kalo lu nembaknya tepat, atau rekan di samping lu nembaknya tepat 😛

Liesda Damayanti :

@mario: gw manusia biasa..elu kali kalong, hehehe….asal bukan buaya dan cicak aja yo..
‎@rama: iya tuh, sobel aslinya hidupnya menyedihkan yah…mau mati aja susah amat, gagal bunuh diri…no wonder sih kalo bener sifatnya ky yg di film..
lucu lg ttg sobel, pas ending eps, dia ketemu winters yg udah jd mayor, pura2 ga liat, eh… winters manggil..captain Sobel, we salute the rank, not the man…sobel mundur, lalu hormat winters…hahaha sweet revenge

Rama Ramadhani:

yang di film itu mungkin kejadian sih, soalnya sobel beneran jadi petugas logistik untuk airborne 101. mungkin dia ketemu winters secara saat itu winters udah jadi pimpinan airborne 101st.

Lucky Wardana:

sori baru bagung…eh salah..baru gabung….yang sedih waktu di gastone…si doc roe suka ma suster yak?..kalo ga salah…pas balik..udah ke bom kan?..

Dax Ranald:

Gw paling demen yg belasan org bikin kabur 2 batalion ss, mana si winters lari paling depan kek org gila, asli tuh winters nyalinya kek org idiot gitu, ga mikir…..
Kl lupa itu bagian dmn winters trakhir nembakin senjatane.

Liesda Damayanti:

‎@Lucky: Bastogne luck..bukan Gastone..itu mah nama tokoh kartun..hahaha…
emang dari 10 eps, cuman eps itu yg ada little bit romance, nunjukin sisi manusiawinya……gw juga suka eps itu, terutama krn diambil dr point of viewnya doc roe, a medic..jarang2 film perang ngambil sudut pandang medic. Ternyata medic di perang gokil juga, mesti mobile banget…denger teriakan medic..pindah, br sebentar ada yg teriak pindah lg…rawan banget kena peluru nyasar ato granat/bom tuh..
trus nunjukin gimana perhatiannya si doc roe sama tmn2nya…semua diperiksain satu2, masih sempet inget juga ngambil sepatu boot tentara yg mati buat tmnnya…ktnya aslinya emang gitu, makanya julukan si doc roe Angel..
gw sih udah nebak pasti salah satu ada yg mati atau pergi…yg gw suka,ngebilangin matinya simbolik banget, cuman nemuin slayer kepalanya si suster,disimpen slayernya, tp dgn berat hati dirobek slayernya buat nolongin tmnnya….huaaa doc roe…gw suka banget…
‎@dax: eps sblm Bastogne, crossroad..iya itu gila tuh…sampe gw mikir pas nonton, ini based on true story kan, bukan cerita hollywood kacangan? soalnya secara logika dia sasaran empuk banget…he’s so damn lucky…
gara2 itu kan dia dipromosiin jd mimpin batalion…
tp yg lebih gila dax,justru yg kapten Speirs disuruh ambil alih komandonya easy company, gara2 capt.Dike ketakutan, terus dia lari sendirian secepat kilat, ngelewatin tank2 jerman yg bengong ngeliat aksinya dia, loncat ke balik tembok abis itu balik lari lagi…gokilll…..dan itu beneran terjadi..phiiuuuf..

The Angel Doc Roe...frontliner medic

the only one romantic scene in BoB...Doc Roe and the nurse

Dax Ranald:

Asal gw ga ditawarin rokok aja, ngeriiii…

Liesda Damayanti:

hahaha….iya bener…liat ekspresinya tentara2 itu ga, abis ngomongin soal Speirs, eh speirsnya lewat, nawarin rokok, semuanya geleng2, padahal mrk lg kedinginan…hahahaha ;D

Rama Ramadhani:

capt speirs ini sebetulnya idola gue…gile cuy, dia punya nyawa 9…yang katanya dia nembakin jerman itu di episode penerjunan aja udah bikin syerem. trus orangnya di gosipin malah di telen…tapi dalam perang emang suka ada orang kayak gini…di indonesia aja pasukan berani mati banyak bener…

Dax Ranald:

bukan punya nyawa 9 tapi kebal peluru (lulusan perguruan si pitung)
Si Spears kan bekas komandan kompi D, yg waktu nyerbu mati semua kecuali dia, gilak! 1 kompi tepar dia idup.

Rama Ramadhani:

wakakakakakakak. bener juga, dia tekbal. kalo satu kompi tewas seharusnya kualitas dia sebagai pemimpin jelek ya. tapi berhubung dia selamet jadi ya…tapi itu satu kompi tewas jangan jangan di suruh lari nerjang peluru semua ya…kekeke yang tekbal dia doang

Liesda Damayanti:

sebelum perang speirs berguru ke betawi dulu belajar ilmu kebal, hehehe…
pas eps2 awal dia kan cuman numpang lewat, gayanya udah ky pembunuh berdarah dingin aja…pas akhirnya dia dikasih dialog, panjang lebar ama lipton, br ketahuan manusianya…baru suka tuh gw..ngomong apa yah waktu itu dia..soal gosip2 itu bener ato ngga kalo ngga salah..laganya ky artis jaman sekarang, ga perlu kan dikasih jawaban semua gosip…huahahaa..

Liesda Damayanti:

nambahin lg soal speirs…cuman dia satu2nya dr para veteran itu yg nerusin karir di militer..sampe dikirim ke korea juga kalo ga salah, winters aja ga mau…emang maniak perang berarti tu orang, hehe..

a cold face Capt. Speirs with his famous cigarette

Speirs in action

Rama Ramadhani:

iya bener. dia sampe ke korea. tapi winters sebetulnya mau nerusin karir di militer tapi batal karena ga jadi nerusin perang pasifik (jepang ke buru di bom soalnya amerika bangkrut). speirs sebetulnya juga sempet berhenti, tapi waktu perang… korea do’i di panggil lagi dan mau. mungkin kerjaannya waktu itu ga mantap mantap amat makanya dia mau ikut militer (bayarannya mayan booo kalo perang). kalo winters udah jadi anak buahnya nixon di perusahaan keluarganya nixon yang sukses berat gitu deh…jadi udah kaya ga mau ikut perang lagi XP XP XP

canggih banget kita ya…ampe tokoh tokoh nya di apalin…coba suruh sebutin tokoh sumpah pemuda pasti melongo…XD XD XD kakakakakakakak

Liesda Damayanti:

‎@rama: dr yg gw baca di mas wiki (gilee ampe segitunya gw) si winters itu pas disuruh service lg di militer pas perang korea, dia sampe terbang ke washington untuk nemuin jendral sapa gitu, untuk minta ga ditugasin ke korea krn dia udah cukup liat perang…si jendral bisa ngerti sih, tp dia ttp minta winters untuk ngabdi di militer krn pengalaman perangnya itu, makanya dia ditawarin jadi trainer di salah satu camp pelatihan, tp ga lama krn dia kecewa liat antusiasme dan disiplin rendah dr calon2 prajurit…akhirnya dia lbh milih kerja di farm company,sampe bisa buka perusahaan sendiri..
di Nixon nitrogen itu dia sampe general manager..

Liesda Damayanti:

kalo tokoh2 sumpah pemuda atau perang kemerdekaan dibuatnya kaya BoB pasti gw akan hapal banget…masalahnya kaga ada yg bikin seperti itu sih…sangat menggugah…

Rama Ramadhani :

o gitu ya…xixixixixixi. buset dah…jadi tentara amerika pasca pd2 loyo loyo…
untuk film sumpah pemuda memang asik kalo di bikin kayak gitu…eh dalam waktu dekat ini bukannya ada film rumah maeda? mudah mudahan bagus.

Liesda Damayanti:

tahun 50an kan di amrik udah mulai bangkit setelah krisis…mungkin pemuda2nya juga mikir, ngapain perang yg ga ada hubungannya dgn mrk, daerah korea antah berantah gitu, mending cari duit aja di negeri sendiri…sementara pemerintahnya lg …semangat2nya nunjukin powernya…serang sana sini in the name of Human Right..huh!!

Uun Hendra Wijaya:

Wah ttg BoB ya…sorry agak telat Lies…gw tertarik sama kapten Herbert Sobel, senyebelin dia, tapi dia berjasa besar bikin Easy Company kompak . Secara gak sadar (atau mungkin sadar) dia membentuk dirinya jadi “musuh besar bersama” anggota easy company.

Kalo quote yang paling gw suka adalah: “Captain Sobel…you salute the rank, not the man” 🙂

Liesda Damayanti:

‎@uun: si winters aslinya juga ngakuin, kalo bukan berkat Sobel mungkin easy company ga bakal setangguh itu dan percaya diri pergi ke medan perang..
emang kadang2 perlu kambing hitam kali yah buat bikin satu klp jd kompak…kompak musuhin, huehehe…

“Captain Sobel,we salute the rank, not the man” Winters ngomong tanpa ekspresi..trus nengok nixon, senyum2 kecil…hahaha good scene…;D

Uun Hendra Wijaya:

Sama satu scene ttg the great norman “foxhole” dike”, pas nyerang Foy, under heavy attacks from the krauts, ditanya sama liutenant Peacock, jawab si Dike: “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know….”

Liesda Damayanti:

‎@uun: si Dike ampe nge-freeze gitu ketakutan…pemimpin kaya gitu..parah..penasaran ampe terkencing2 di celana ga yah, hehehe…
tp gw baca Dike itu akhirnya ttp berkarir di militer, ampe letkol kl ga salah…whaha kok bisa, dgn sejarah ky gitu…

@buat semuanya: sampai mo terakhir2, gw masih ga ngeh posisinya Lewis Nixon…kirain dia leader juga tp beda company..ternyata intelligent officer, sebenernya tugasnya IO itu ngapain sih kalo pas perang ky gitu?

Rama Ramadhani:

An intelligence officer is a person employed by an organization to collect, compile and analyze information (known as intelligence) which is of use to that organization

seharusnya tugas dia penting banget ya…dalam rangka penyusunan strategi. dan di terusin ke winters.


Bagaimana dengan anda? Apa yang diingat dari Band of Brothers?